3 Important Tips for Planning & Paying for Your Own Funeral


Preplanned and prepaid funerals are very popular right now, and many cemeteries and funeral homes offer various types of preplanned and prepaid funeral services you can choose for yourself. It may be good to think about this type of arrangement long before it's needed, so you can make the choices you want while still in a good frame of mind. If you're thinking of planning and paying for your own funeral, consider a few tips and factors to discuss with advisors like Farrell & O' Neill Funerals.

15 May 2015

Four Things You Should Know When You Attend a Muslim Funeral Services


Traditional Christian funerals have a very general feel to them. You will usually attend a wake or visitation that is followed by a service and a graveyard service. This set of events may change depending on the plans of the deceased or the religion of the deceased. One type of funeral the differs from traditional Christian services is the Muslim funeral service. Before you attend one, consider these four key points.

24 April 2015