Burying a child

It's one of the hardest things to have to bury your child. It feels like it goes against the natural order of things. It can be hard to find items that suit a young life being cut short and help you to truly remember the spirit of the child you are burying. This site has a collection of ideas and thoughts that can be used when coming up with memorial services that celebrate the short life and personality of your child. It can be a useful resource for family, communities or schools plan sympathetic funeral services for children and their loved one.

Looking for a Suitable Cemetery? See the 3 Critical Things You Should Do


Once a loved one dies, funeral preparations usually kick off immediately. These preparations involve a lot of things, and that's why they are sometimes stressful. However, funeral preparations don't just involve finding a funeral home and setting a date for the send-off ceremony. They also involve finding the right cemetery for the deceased. It's sometimes not easy for the family to choose or purchase the right cemetery amidst grief. However, if you want to get a suitable cemetery for your loved one, see what you should do.

Assess the Cemetery Options

The cemetery you choose may depend on culture or other affiliations. While some people prefer a cemetery with a religious affiliation, others want one that can suit a specific cultural meaning. Check if the cemetery has a columbarium if you plan to cremate your loved one. Also, find out if the cemetery has a scattering garden or a burial place for urns. Whether you intend to have a natural or green burial, a good cemetery should have a suitable burial spot for it. If you had a different burial plan in mind, check if the burial site will be ideal for it.

Consider Additional Costs and Fees

Buying a fitting cemetery will cost you money. However, you shouldn't let the cost aspect control the buying process. Where possible, you should invest in the best cemetery. Nevertheless, you should ask the cemetery provider if there are some additional costs to expect. The cost of the cemetery may depend on certain aspects such as the size. Moreover, you may pay more money if you want a cemetery with a better view. Find out more about the maintenance costs if you don't want some nasty surprises after saying goodbye to your loved one. 

Visit the Cemetery Site Yourself

Even if you have tasked someone to look for a fitting cemetery for you, it's good to tour the burial site yourself and judge it by what you see. This helps you to know some of the things you could never know if you left someone else to do it for you. For instance, visiting the graveyard helps you to know the maintenance standards the cemeteries in that area are restricted to. Moreover, it also enables you to assess how quiet the place can be and if it will offer the deceased quality rest.

Planning a burial can be one of the most overwhelming tasks, especially if you don't know where to begin. Some people don't want to look for a cemetery because they haven't yet accepted that their loved one is no more. However, you must accept the situation and find a fitting cemetery for them. With the above considerations, you can find a suitable cemetery for your loved one.


30 July 2020