Top Tips When Choosing A Funeral Home


An essential aspect of planning a prepaid funeral is choosing a funeral home. So, how can you select an appropriate facility to handle your remains? Below is a comprehensive guide.  Location Logistics is a critical aspect of any funeral. As such, the funeral home you choose must be conveniently located. For example, it could be close to your home or gravesite. The facility should also have sufficient parking and amenities such as ample security and conference rooms where mourners can hold wakes or meetings before the funeral.

21 December 2020

Looking for a Suitable Cemetery? See the 3 Critical Things You Should Do


Once a loved one dies, funeral preparations usually kick off immediately. These preparations involve a lot of things, and that's why they are sometimes stressful. However, funeral preparations don't just involve finding a funeral home and setting a date for the send-off ceremony. They also involve finding the right cemetery for the deceased. It's sometimes not easy for the family to choose or purchase the right cemetery amidst grief. However, if you want to get a suitable cemetery for your loved one, see what you should do.

30 July 2020

Two steps to take if you decide to have a cremation instead of a burial at the last minute


If after arranging the burial of a relative, you realise that this was the wrong decision and that you would like to have your loved one cremated instead, here are the actions you can take to resolve this issue. Work with the funeral home to cancel the burial-related services First and foremost, you must either visit or phone the funeral home who helped you to arrange the burial and ask them for assistance with cancelling the services related to this burial.

11 June 2020

How to Get Ready for Being a Pallbearer


To be asked to serve as a pallbearer at a funeral is a bittersweet honour. Yes, it's touching to be asked, but this service can only be requested under sad and solemn circumstances. The specifics of the role are fairly uncomplicated, and it's essentially you and the other pallbearers carrying the casket in and out of the funeral service, and sometimes from the vehicle to the grave for the burial. And yet, what might you really need to think about when you're formally asked to be a pallbearer?

29 January 2020