What Not to Do With a Hard-to-Read Headstone


While stone may be one of the strongest natural materials available, it's not impervious to damage. As a result, all headstones will suffer some level of deterioration over time. Unfortunately, without proper care, some headstones can become so worn that they're impossible to read. There are many common methods out there for making a weathered gravestone easier to read, but not all of them work. In fact, some can actually do further (and sometimes irreparable) damage to the stone.

3 November 2018

Finding the Right Funeral Director for Your Own Funeral


Funeral directors can vary quite a bit from one business to the next, which is something not many people think about unless they're in the process of arranging a funeral. Because of this, and because funerals are a deeply personal thing, it's good if you can find the director who feels right for you and the deceased.  Even though planning your own funeral has become a more common thing to do, people don't often go as far as finding a funeral director.

21 August 2018

5 Things to Do When Preparing a Funeral


Planning a decent send-off for your loved one honours their memory and eases the grieving process. While this trying moment is awash with a range of emotions, someone has to take charge so the funeral preparations can run seamlessly. Here are five things to do when preparing to lay your dear one to rest. Make Notifications Informing the necessary people about the demise of their friend, colleague, neighbour, golf buddy, etc.

20 February 2018