Burying a child

It's one of the hardest things to have to bury your child. It feels like it goes against the natural order of things. It can be hard to find items that suit a young life being cut short and help you to truly remember the spirit of the child you are burying. This site has a collection of ideas and thoughts that can be used when coming up with memorial services that celebrate the short life and personality of your child. It can be a useful resource for family, communities or schools plan sympathetic funeral services for children and their loved one.

5 Things to Do When Preparing a Funeral


Planning a decent send-off for your loved one honours their memory and eases the grieving process. While this trying moment is awash with a range of emotions, someone has to take charge so the funeral preparations can run seamlessly. Here are five things to do when preparing to lay your dear one to rest.

Make Notifications

Informing the necessary people about the demise of their friend, colleague, neighbour, golf buddy, etc. is the first step in the funeral preparation process. If the budget allows, you can place an obituary in the local dailies to help spread the word. Social media is another plausible option for making death notifications especially to friends in distant lands.  

Identify a Cemetery

The final resting place for your beloved is of utmost importance and should, therefore, take centre stage in the funeral preparation process. Some people may have communicated their specific wishes which make things a tad easier. If no prior arrangements were in place, find a cemetery and gravestone that you feel is most suited to your beloved.

Hiring a Funeral Organiser

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming for the aggrieved family, and they may be too despondent to think clearly. Funeral planning services come in handy in making arrangements down to the fine details so you can bid your loved one goodbye respectfully. A funeral director handles key decisions like transportation of the body, preparing the remains, and liaising with the bereaved throughout the process. These services are all arranged so you can find one that suits your budget.

Pre and Post-funeral Events

The family of the deceased needs to determine if there will be pre-funeral activities like viewing the body, holding a vigil or visitation such as seeing the surviving spouse or children. Usually, these activities are mostly reliant on religious beliefs or other spiritual traditions. For instance, a Catholic funeral may entail a vigil for the deceased at their home or church.

Eligibility for Government Benefits

In case the deceased was a veteran, the Department of Veteran Affairs will release a portion of the accrued pension to help with the funeral arrangements. Other allowances associated with grief include Double Orphan Pension, Carer allowance, Newstart allowance, etc. These benefits can come in handy in covering the funeral expenses.


Saying goodbye to your beloved is emotionally draining and every bit of help and encouragement is welcome. Adequate funeral preparations go towards fulfilling the wishes of the deceased. Get creative as deemed appropriate to ensure you pay tribute to their memory in a unique way.



20 February 2018