Burying a child

It's one of the hardest things to have to bury your child. It feels like it goes against the natural order of things. It can be hard to find items that suit a young life being cut short and help you to truly remember the spirit of the child you are burying. This site has a collection of ideas and thoughts that can be used when coming up with memorial services that celebrate the short life and personality of your child. It can be a useful resource for family, communities or schools plan sympathetic funeral services for children and their loved one.

Finding the Right Funeral Director for Your Own Funeral


Funeral directors can vary quite a bit from one business to the next, which is something not many people think about unless they're in the process of arranging a funeral. Because of this, and because funerals are a deeply personal thing, it's good if you can find the director who feels right for you and the deceased. 

Even though planning your own funeral has become a more common thing to do, people don't often go as far as finding a funeral director. And yet, if you really want to make sure you get the perfect send-off, it's an important step. Here are some tips to help you find your funeral director.

Get most of your planning done first

It's helpful to have some solid ideas on paper before you start looking for a funeral director. That way, you can discuss what you have in mind and make sure your director of choice is able to offer everything you want.

Your plan doesn't have to include lots of detail at this point, but covering the main aspects of funeral planning will give you enough to talk about.

Visit in person

It's hard to make a proper judgement by looking at websites or talking via email or the phone. When you have some funeral directors in mind, make time to pay them a visit.

By sitting down in person and talking over your plans, you'll have a good idea whether or not a particular funeral director is the right one for you.

Discuss your expected budget

Whether you're saving some money for your funeral or not, you should have a fair idea of what your loved ones will be able to afford.

It's important to discuss this with any funeral directors you meet with, as prices vary from one business to the next and it could impact your final decision.

Ask about any unusual requests

Some people plan their own funerals because they have some unusual requests they'd like fulfilled, such as being buried at sea or having a service in a non-traditional location.

If you have any ideas like this, bring them up early in your conversation with a funeral director. They can advise you on their feasibility and whether or not they're able to help.

Find out if there's a prepayment option

Funeral directors that offer options for paying in advance can be useful when you're putting your plans together. It gives you a way to ensure there's no financial barrier to the funeral you want.

While it shouldn't put you off a particular business entirely if it's not something they offer, it can help narrow down your choices if you think it will be useful.


21 August 2018