Burying a child

It's one of the hardest things to have to bury your child. It feels like it goes against the natural order of things. It can be hard to find items that suit a young life being cut short and help you to truly remember the spirit of the child you are burying. This site has a collection of ideas and thoughts that can be used when coming up with memorial services that celebrate the short life and personality of your child. It can be a useful resource for family, communities or schools plan sympathetic funeral services for children and their loved one.

Characteristics That Make Bronze Memorials Ideal Grave Markers


Once a loved one passes away, you may be wondering what would be the best way to honour the life that they have lived. While coming to terms with the fact that they are gone is difficult, it is your responsibility to ensure that what will mark their grave will be an excellent commemoration of the impact that they have left behind. A memorial is a great choice if you want to make your loved one's grave unique while still paying a tribute to their legacy. When it comes to materials available to you, bronze is a top choice since it bestows the memorial a host of advantageous properties. The following piece touches on just three characteristics that make bronze memorials ideal grave markers.

Bronze memorials are powerfully attractive

Bronze inherently has a distinctively rich colour. And when cared for meticulously, the bronze memorial will always have a glossy shine to it, making it a striking addition to your loved one's grave. Although bronze is a tad darker than gold, it is a much more affordable option, which is perfect if you have spent a considerable amount of money on your loved one's funeral expenses. Moreover, while its hue is darker than gold, it still adds a subtle elegance to the grave. Another reason why bronze memorials are one of the most attractive options you could choose is that they are available in a host of finishes, so you have an array of options to select from.

Bronze memorials are easily customisable

As aforementioned, bronze memorials come in distinctive hues and finishes. However, this is not the option that is available to you when it comes to the customisation of the memorial. Since bronze is a strong yet ductile supply, it is easily engraved on, which opens up a myriad of ways for you to customise the memorial. For instance, if your deceased loved one had a favourite quote or song lyric, you could have this engraved onto the memorial. On the other hand, you could choose to add a personal touch by engraving a picture of your loved one on the memorial to make it distinct from other memorials. Additionally, you can have the bronze memorial shaped and sized to your own specifications so you do not have to worry about it seamlessly fitting in with the gravesite.

Bronze memorials are highly durable

One of your primary considerations when selecting a memorial for your loved one's grave should be durability. Materials such as limestone may seem attractive when brand-new, but they will eventually crumble due to exposure to precipitation. Bronze memorials, conversely, can last for decades. Since this material comprises alloys of copper and tin, it is inherently robust. Moreover, routine polishing will protect it from corrosion and other types of damage.


5 July 2019