Burying a child

It's one of the hardest things to have to bury your child. It feels like it goes against the natural order of things. It can be hard to find items that suit a young life being cut short and help you to truly remember the spirit of the child you are burying. This site has a collection of ideas and thoughts that can be used when coming up with memorial services that celebrate the short life and personality of your child. It can be a useful resource for family, communities or schools plan sympathetic funeral services for children and their loved one.

Three Alternatives to a Traditional Gravestone


When looking to commemorate the life of a loved one, it can be hard to decide on an appropriate cemetery monument or memorial. In many cases, a traditional gravestone or plaque might not feel quite right. If this is the case, considering some more unconventional options could help you to settle on the perfect monument. Listed below are three suggestions, along with ideas for designs and engravings. When making your choice, think carefully about your loved one and how you want to remember them. Don't feel rushed into making a decision — take as much time as you need to settle on the option that feels right.

Memorial bench

This is a popular memorial option for many reasons. Benches are extremely versatile, and the material, design and engraving can be personalised according to your wishes. For a relative who was a keen carpenter, a wooden bench with a simple engraving could be perfect. For a traditional look that mimics a gravestone, granite is a wonderful option. The entire bench can be engraved as you wish, so you aren't limited to one small plaque. The bench can become a wonderful place for friends and relatives to sit and reflect on the life of their loved one.

Memorial sundial

If you're looking for something even more unique, consider a memorial sundial. This beautiful piece of outdoor furniture can be designed to your exact specifications, with an engraving dedicated to your loved one. Pedestal sundials are widely available and create a nice marker, while flat on-ground sundials create a lovely effect of being part of the surrounding landscape. Ideal for lost friends or relatives who enjoyed gardening or loved to spend time out in the sunshine. Sundials can make a nice talking point when remembering your loved one with others.

Memorial birdbath

For a lost relative who loved animals or fed birds in their own garden, a memorial birdbath is a wonderful choice. It can be customised in as much detail as the previous two options and serves a practical purpose. Visitors to the grave can enjoy watching birds splash, bringing life and joy to a difficult moment. Consider engraving the bird bath with a quote that references your loved one's passion for nature, or an image of their favourite type of bird.

A gravestone isn't the right choice for everyone, and that's okay. Choose a memorial that's meaningful to you and your family by considering alternative options.


27 July 2017